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Visit a Children and Family Dentist near Reservoir

A child's first dental visit marks a milestone in his or her life. A caring dentist makes the experience enjoyable for the child and reinforces what parents have taught about caring for teeth.

As a dentist for Preston, Coburg, Reservoir and surrounding areas, Bright Smile Dental Clinic provides general dentistry services for the youngest members of your family. Our staff works with you to ensure that your children establish good oral hygiene habits early.

Dental Services for Children

Children's first teeth appear around six months of age, but kids don't need their first dental visit until age two. Before your children turn two, feel welcome to bring them to your regular appointments. This gives them a chance to become familiar with our office and what happens during an appointment.

When your children are ready for their own dental visits, they can receive cleanings and check-ups at our clinic. We'll help them learn to brush and floss correctly to keep their teeth healthy.

We may also recommend the following treatments as needed: 

  • Fluoride therapy to strengthen teeth
  • Fissure sealants to prevent cavities
  • Dental restorations (fillings) to repair tooth decay

If your child needs one of these procedures, we discuss it with you thoroughly so you know the options. We're also happy to provide free consultations regarding children's oral health.

Our Clinic

At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we aim to create a calming atmosphere. We find this increases the comfort of all our patients, including children. Members of our staff speak English, Persian and Arabic to better serve our patients.

Our clinic is in Preston near the Preston West Primary School, but we are a dentist for Preston and surrounds as well. To set up an appointment for your child:

call us on   9077 0385


The clinic is located in Preston close to the Preston West Primary School and next to the Child Care Centre, serving the residents of northern suburbs of Melbourne.





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