Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It includes regular Check-up, Cleaning, X-ray, Fluoride Treatment, and Sealant.  

At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we offer comprehensive preventive dentistry for all ages. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable dentists are committed to helping you and your family maintain optimal oral health.  

Regular check-up allows us to monitor your overall oral health and catch any potential problems before they become more serious. Cleaning helps us to remove plaque and tartar, which can cause cavities and gum disease. 


X-ray allows us to identify any hidden issues that might not be visible to the naked eye.  

Fluoride Treatment helps strengthen tooth enamel, and sealants can protect teeth from cavities and decay. 

Fluoride Therapy

At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of fluoride therapy in protecting the teeth and preventing tooth decay. 

Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen the enamel and protect teeth from decay. When applied topically as a gel or vanish, fluoride helps prevent cavities and tooth decay by making the enamel more resistant to acid attacks. 

At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we understand that fluoride therapy is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth. That is why we use only the best materials and equipment to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care possible. Our dentists carefully evaluate the patient’s teeth before applying fluoride gel or varnish to ensure that the treatment is tailored to their individual needs.  

Our clinic is conveniently located in Preston. This makes it easy for the residents of the northern suburbs of Melbourne to access our services. 


If you are looking for a highly experienced and qualified dental clinic to provide fluoride therapy, look no further than Bright Smile Dental Clinic. We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the best quality care and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our fluoride therapy services.

Scaling and Cleaning

At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we strive to ensure the establishment and maintenance of a healthy mouth through regular check-ups and cleanings every six months. 


Our experienced team of skilled dentists provides a comprehensive range of dental treatments, including the removal of plaque and calculus (tartar) from teeth, as well as the removal of surface staining.  

We also check your gums for any signs of gum disease, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, and can provide preventive measures such as fissure sealants on deep fissures of teeth in children and young adults.  

We understand the importance of prevention over treatment, and by performing regular examinations, we can identify any potential issues before they become major problems. Our dedicated team will also spend time with you to teach you how to clean your teeth effectively.


If you are looking for a reliable and trusted dental clinic for your dental needs, do not hesitate to contact us at Bright Smile Dental Clinic in Preston. We look forward to helping you take care of your oral health needs.

Fissure Sealant

At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer our patients the latest technology when it comes to protecting their teeth from cavities.  

Fissure sealant is a plastic coating that covers the chewing surface of the adult teeth to keep food and bacteria away from deep fissures and grooves.  

This procedure is safe, easy, and painless. Fissure sealant works by creating a thin protective barrier over the enamel of your teeth. This barrier is designed to keep food and bacteria away from the vulnerable areas of the teeth.  

The sealant is made of a plastic material that is applied with a brush or a special applicator. Once it is applied, the sealant is hardened with a curing light.  

The benefits of fissure sealant are numerous. By creating a protective barrier for the teeth, it helps to prevent cavities and decay, both of which can be caused by food and bacteria getting stuck in the deep fissures and grooves.  

This also helps to reduce the amount of plaque buildup on the teeth, which can lead to further problems with tooth decay. Additionally, the sealant protects the teeth from the potential damage of acidic foods, which can lead to enamel erosion over time.  

At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we offer fissure sealant applications for both adults and children. To make sure that the sealant is applied correctly, we provide a detailed assessment of the patient’s teeth to determine the best course of action.  

Once the sealant is applied, it will need to be replaced every few years to ensure that it is still providing the same level of protection.  

If you are looking for a safe, easy, and painless way to protect your teeth from cavities and other dental problems, then talk to us about fissure sealant today. Our experienced team of dentists can provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for your oral health.  

Contact us today to learn more about our fissure sealant application services. 

Contact Bright Smile Dental Clinic in Melbourne today to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help you and your family maintain optimal oral health.

Our practice, located in Preston, Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, provides fluoride therapy to residents of Preston, Reservoir, Coburg, Thornbury, Thomastown, Lalor, Kingsbury, Brunswick, Northcote, and Fairfield. 

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