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When You Need an Emergency Dentist in Preston Fast, Bright Smile Dental Clinic is There for You

When you suddenly develop a severe toothache, the pain can be very frightening. The same applies to any other dental emergency, such as chipping a tooth or knocking one out of your mouth entirely. When you need a dentist of urgency in Preston, you want to rely on a practice you can trust to take care of you. That practice is Bright Smile Dental Clinic. Whenever you are experiencing severe dental distress and pain, especially in cases such as a tooth abscess or an infection, we advise you to call us right away. We take every emergency seriously, whether the problem is a long-running infection or a sudden emergency caused by a sports accident.

As we are just 9km North of the Melbourne CBD, we are an excellent, convenient choice for an emergency dentist in Preston. Once you have phoned us, we will make every effort to get you in the door and seen by the dentist as soon as possible. We will provide you with a caring, comfortable environment in which to receive treatment, and we will help restore you to better oral health. Remember, your dental wellness is directly linked to your overall physical wellness, so take care of your dental issues right away.

To contact us because you need an emergency dentist service in Preston, call us now on 03 9077 0385 or use our website to book online. We are standing by to offer you prompt care with a high degree of safety and comfort.





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